Policy of TMVP


Our party holds a historical duty to fill the long-standing political vacuum of the people of East Sri lanka. Our party members have a true love for our people and for the democratic rights of the people. Since its inception, many hundreds of members have sacrificed their lives for our party.

Our party has bound its goals from the consensus of all their thoughts and political aspirations.

  • Our party will fight to protect the sovereignty and unity of Sri Lanka.
  • Our party will work for the equal rights of the ethnic minorities living in Sri Lanka
  • The party will strive for the unique political independence and ethnic harmony of the Eastern Province.
  • The party will move ahead to build the national economy of our nation and thereby enhance the living standards of the working people.
  • The objective of our party and its activities will eliminate racial, religious, linguistic, caste, gender, class, and regional differences make Sri Lanka a secular country and Sri Lankans an egalitarian society.

Based on this, our party is firmly determined to work together with all the parties and social organizations with progressive ideas, Sri Lanka diaspora community which hold the policies against all forms of oppression and domination ideologies faced by the people of our country.

Detailed report
The policy statement of the party was released at the first national conference of the Thamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal.