Organizational Structure

There are 3 important organizations in the party structure. In which, the primary structure is found to be the village structure with the executive committee and above that, the chairman working group has the most important command over it. The most important of these is the Chairman's workforce and the Executive Committee.

The chairman should be elected by the working committee and the members of the executive committee through the party's national convention. The functions of the Executive Committee and the Working Committee of this party are to make policy decisions for the party, make appointments to the top members of the party and make prompt decisions to protect the party leader and the party's policies when the party faces unforeseen circumstances.

In other words, the party's leadership and executive committee carry out the most important activities, such as forming alliances during election periods and determining changes in party policies. In addition, when the party faces a critical crisis, the committee advises and suggests the next chairman and the secretary and put forward temporary appointments

The difference between the chairman working group and an executive committee is that the chairman working group members will act as the executive committee members whereas the executive committee members cannot be a member of the chairman working group. That is, all members of the Chairman Working Group will serve as the executive committee members. At the same time, executive committee members cannot become members of the working group chair.

In addition, the chairman committee has the power to change a decision made by the executive committee. But no party organization has the power to change a decision taken by the leadership. The party's Chairman’s working group is considered to be the backbone of the party.